Adaptation to Climate Change 341:

Design, Fund & Manage

Community Based Projects

How to Run a Real Climate Change Project in a Real Community That You Serve

Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change 341

PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: 5,000+ professionals from 500+ organizations in 153 countries have used 300+ project ideas to impact 500K+ people.

Answers to Global Warming: Get field experience solving challenges caused by global warming and learn to develop real adaptation projects in real communities.

OVERVIEW: Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change 341

What is this course?

An 8-week, self-paced training program in designing an adaptation to climate change project working in partnership with local community members. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have designed a project complete with evidence based activities. You will have written a project logframe in preparation for the next course—OL 342—where you will develop a full set of donor documents in preparation for funding.

Adaptation to climate Change: Learn by doing.

This hands-on training course is for actually launching a community based adaptation to climate change project. For example, student projects have included efforts to help communities in Yemen, Morocco, Tanzania and Afghanistan recover from challenges caused by global warming: unprecedented droughts that exhausted their water resources. Other students have helped communities in Suriname, Kenya, Nepal and Pakistan recover from flooding. The course will lead you through the development of similar, real projects, in real time, in your own country.

How will you you learn about Adaptation to Climate Change?

1. The course will lead you through the development of a real project, in real time, and leave you with the practical field tools to sustain it. We are committed to achieving results-based sustainable development goals.
2. For long-term sustainability you will learn to incorporate community identified need into the design of your project and research project activities that have shown evidence of having worked at solving challenges.

Who should take this Adaptation to Climate Change course?

1. This course is perfect for nonprofit and development professionals working in adaptation in areas such as food security, watershed management, agriculture, the environment, sustainable development, or DRR—and who want to develop practitioner-level skills. If you are a grant writer, nonprofit staff member, consultant, project manager—or an executive director—you will develop real skills mastery.

2. This course is just as relevant to a person considering a career transition into the nonprofit/development world and wanting to develop employable skills.

Types of communities that need Adaptation to Climate Change:

Types of communities that you can help adapt to climate change challenges during your participation in this course:
  • Farming communities and drought stricken regions
  • Small communities fire prone areas
  • The elderly trying to survive in areas with extreme temperature
  • Communities in areas prone to flooding
  • Communities in areas susceptible to tropical storms, hurricanes and cyclones


Adaptation to climate change syllabus

8 Weeks: Develop a real-world project.
Week 1. Complete enrollment, meet your teacher, explore the resources. Then you have the next 3 weeks for Assignment One.
2. Clearly define the community and the overall challenge.
Week 3 & 4. Conduct a participatory needs assessment.
Week 5. Develop a theory of how to solve the challenge.
Week 6. Embed sustainability using evidence-based solutions.
Week 7. Develop a detailed project outline & logframe.
Week 8. Share your project with your community and with a donor for feedback.

See a complete, detailed syllabus.


Adaptation to Climate change participants:

What Participants Say: “I just want to take this opportunity to complement you on the practical ideas, knowledge and vast experience that you continue to share with us on each assignment.

Many times your examples are the solution of choice for our community. I have been provided with constant support, practical solutions suitable for my project, feedback specific to our project submissions and unwavering encouragement.” Gillian Primus, Grenada.

Are you with a nonprofit working in developed areas like North America, Europe, Great Britain, Australia or New Zealand? If so, this sister course is a better match for you: How to Write Your Climate Change Action Plan.

Reduce the impact of global warming. Take this course to help families develop resilience and to adapt to a changing climate.

Real human help: The training program will be led by Tim Magee, CSDi’s Executive Director, who has over 15 years experience in adaptation to climate change and sustainable development projects. Mr. Magee is the author of A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation.

The Teacher Led training program includes a complimentary PDF eBook of the course textbook: ‘A Field Guide to Community-Based Adaptation‘ (a $37.67 value) by Tim Magee, Routledge, Oxford, England.

Please Note: This course is  for professionals working in International NGOs in developing nations. If you work for a northern nonprofit in a developed country in (for example) North America, Great Britain or Europe, this course is a better match for you: Nonprofit Adaptation to  Climate Change.

Tim Magee: Climate Change Scientist & Author

Real human help:
This training program will be led by Tim Magee, CSDi’s Executive Director, has over 40 years experience working with nonprofits. Mr. Magee is the author of A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation and is a Co-Founder of Seattle Tilth: An Urban Agricultural Center.

A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation will be provided as a course resource.

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PRICING: Adaption to Climate Change with a Live Teacher

Teacher Led

Teacher Led. $100.00
Take this course with an expert, live teacher. You will have complete access to the download course resources and lessons described below in “Course Content.” Your course teacher will offer expert line-by-line comments on each assignment—and will encourage you to learn by doing, to finish the course and to fully develop your project. Complete the course and receive a PDF Certificate.

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INCLUDES: Adaptation to Climate Change Resources

Job Ready Skills

Job-focused content includes:
6 PDF Detailed Assignments
12 PDF In-depth Discussions
6 MS Word, finished Assignment Templates for you to personalize to be your own assignment for submittal.
Over 50 Word, Excel and PDF additional resources to download that contain learning guides, studies—and project templates.

The instructor-led course includes a complimentary PDF eBook of A Field Guide to Community-Based Adaptation (a $40 value). Read an outline of the contents and the introduction.