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Mentored Sustainable Development Masterclass

Train & consult with a private mentor. This mentored project design program provides cutting-edge information, time-saving templates, training & expert consultancy—and leads you in developing a real, fundable, project for your organization.


OVERVIEW: Mentored Sustainable Development Masterclass

What is this course?

A 6-Month, one-on-one, mentored training program. During this tailored training program we will focus on one of your new sustainable development project concepts. You will learn to use project planning to design a project to attract donor funding and how to manage your sustainable development program for increased impact.

Mentored Sustainable Development: Learn by doing.

Train & consult with a private mentor to develop & launch your next, impact-oriented project. This mentored online program will be customized for you and your NGO. You will focus on a new sustainable development project concept that you want to develop during the six-month training period. During that time, we will 1) research and clearly identify the project challenge, 2) research evidence-based activities for solving it, and 3) package the information in a presentation format that will create the best call to action: Donate!

You will develop project ownership within the community and officially launch the program. You will learn how to launch, manage—and to develop long-term sustainability in your nonprofit project.

How will you you learn about Sustainable Development?

1. This program will lead you through the development a new project that will meet your NGO’s mission and your clients’ needs. You will accurately describe the challenge, research evidenced-based solutions, and package the project design for compelling donor presentations.
2. For long-term sustainability you will develop ownership within the community and officially launch the nonprofit program.

Who should take this Mentored Sustainable Development Masterclass?

1. This program is perfect for NGO staff and job-seekers wanting to successfully solve community challenges and learn nonprofit project management, design and funding. Participants have worked on programs as diverse as food security, watershed management, agriculture, the environment, sustainable development, or DRR—and who want to develop practitioner-level skills. If you are a grant writer, NGO staff member, consultant, program manager—or an executive director—you will develop real skills mastery.

2. This course is just as relevant to a person considering a career transition into the development world and wanting to develop employable skills.


Mentored Sustainable Development Syllabus

6 Months: Research your project. Approach donors. Launch your project.
Month 1. Choose and clearly define a community and a challenge. Design the project using evidence-based solutions.
Month 2. Develop project management and donor presentation documents.
Month 3. Identify donors for your new presentations and present them.
Month 4. Select and develop a series of no-cost/low-cost project activities.
Month 5. Learn the importance of community engagement and program co-management.
Month 6. Launch your first activity to harness community ownership and build project impact through community engagement.


Mentored Sustainable Development Participants:

What Participants Say: “This program was absolutely awesome! The course content, instruction, example projects, on-line resources and the most valuable – your timely guidance on the assignments were all perfectly done.”
Burt Mento

“As you know, as a real beginner in designing projects, without your project example templates I could never have written even a single word by myself.” Moise Tend

“Thanks for the great work you do in supporting courses with a vision to help with nonprofit impact.” Bob Sutton,

Tim Magee: Climate Change Scientist & Author

Advance your Career, Raise Funds, Solve Challenges. Take this mentored masterclass and research, plan, write, get donations, & launch!

Real human help: The training program will be led by Tim Magee, CSDi’s Executive Director, who has over 15 years experience in adaptation to climate change and sustainable development projects. Mr. Magee is the author of A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation. This field Guide will be a resource for the course.

ENROLL: How To Enroll in This Course.

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PRICING: Mentored Sustainable Development with a Live Mentor

Mentor Led

Take this course with a live mentor. You will have complete access to the download course resources and lessons described below. Certificate: Turn in the 22 assignments and you will receive a PDF Certificate. Your course teacher will offer professional comments and encouragement for your assignments.

INCLUDES: Mentored Sustainable Development Resources

Job Ready Skills

Job-focused, downloadable content includes:
22 Detailed Assignments
22 In-depth Discussions
22 MS Word Completed Assignment Templates for you to personalize as your own assignment for submittal.
Over 50 Word, Excel and PDF resources to download that contain handbooks, studies—and project templates for you to edit and personalize.

The training program includes a complimentary PDF eBook of the course textbook: ‘A Field Guide to Community-Based Adaptation‘ (a $37.67 value) by Tim Magee, Routledge, Oxford, England.