Climate Change Issues

What is Climate Change?

Global greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning fossil fuels have led to extreme weather events, global temperature rise, sea level rise, and heat waves.

The United Nations has said that we need to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Climate inaction on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and methane emissions caused by human activities has created climate impacts such as rising temperatures and rising sea levels –  causes of climate change – leading to a changing climate that has surpassed global warming and has entered a new phase where global temperatures are so dangerous as to now be renamed climate change global boiling.

Human activity and the continued production of global emissions and greenhouse gases have led the earth’s climate to enter an accelerating process of temperature rise. If we don’t take climate action to reduce very rapidly the production of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas climate change impacts will be irreversible.


The UNEP has a National Adaptation Plan program to assist member countries to write a National Adaptation plan.

The two overarching objectives of the National Adaptation Plan is to:

  1. Reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change by building adaptive capacity and resilience;
  2. Integrate adaptation into new and existing national, sectoral and sub-national policies and programmes, especially development strategies, plans and budgets.

Other solutions include:

1. The New Agricultural Revolution
2. Regenerative Farming programs
3. Mitigating Climate Change
4. Climate Change Adaptation
5. Climate Ready Communities

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