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Project Funding for Sustainable Development 102

Participate in this sustainable development training program and learn how to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learn project design, how to write donor presentation documents & develop tools for effective project management.

OVERVIEW: Project Funding for Sustainable Development

What is this course?

A 6 week, self-paced training program where you will each continue the development of your UN Sustainable Development project that was started in OL 101. Each one of the assignments will be a concrete step in preparing your project for a donor presentation. By the end of the 6 weeks, you will have developed a full set of donor documents and project management tools—and make an initial, exploratory donor presentation.

Project Funding: Learn by doing.

You will embed impact into your sustainable development project design with a set of powerful management tools: Logframes, budgets, schedules and compelling fact sheets. They will communicate to donors & stakeholders exactly what you are going to accomplish and can be used for effective management of the project once funded.

How will you you learn about Project Funding?

1. The course will lead you through the continued development of your project by developing donor presentation documents for project funding.
2. You will also develop the management tools necessary for executing your project for long-term sustainability and impact.

Who should take this Project Funding course?

1. This course is perfect for nonprofit and development professionals working in areas such as food security, watershed management, agriculture, the environment, health, education, or DRR—and who want to develop practitioner-level skills. If you are a grant writer, nonprofit staff member, consultant, project manager—or an executive director—you will develop real skills mastery.

2. This course is just as relevant to a person considering a career transition into the nonprofit/development world and wanting to develop employable skills.


Project Funding Syllabus

8 Weeks: Develop donor & project management tools.
Week 1. Assemble a logframe using your project challenge and solution.
2. Develop a monitoring and evaluation plan.
Week 3. Create a budget for your project.
Week 4. Develop a project schedule.
Week 5. Write a compelling 2-page fact sheet to present to donors.
Week 6. Share your project with a donor, or someone in the development world for feedback.


Project Funding Participants:

“I just want to take this opportunity to complement you on the practical ideas, knowledge and vast experience that you continue to share with us on each assignment. Many times your examples are the solution of choice for our community.

I have been provided with constant support, practical solutions suitable for my project, feedback specific to our project submissions and unwavering encouragement.” Gillian Primus, Grenada

Tim Magee: Climate Change Scientist & Author

Get your well designed sustainable development project funded. Take this course to develop management tools and a donor presentation.

Real human help: The training program will be led by Tim Magee, CSDi’s Executive Director, who has over 15 years experience in sustainable development projects. Mr. Magee is the author of A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation.


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This course has a prerequisite: OL 101 Project Design for Sustainable Development. Why are there prerequisites?

PRICING: Project Management with a Live Teacher

Teacher Led

Take this course with a live teacher. You will have complete access to the download course resources and lessons described below. Certificate: Turn in the 6 assignments and you will receive a PDF Certificate. Your course teacher will offer professional comments and encouragement for your assignments.

Course Number

INCLUDES: Project Funding Resources

Job-focused content includes:
6 PDF Detailed Assignments
6 PDF In-depth Discussions
6 MS Word Finished Assignment Templates for you to personalize as your own assignment for submittal.
Over 50 Word, Excel and PDF additional resources to download that contain learning guides, studies—and project templates.