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Your donations enable us to bring success to water, health, nutrition, and education projects—and hope for mothers and children in rising out of poverty.
SUPPORT CSDi—The Center for Sustainable Development

Your $1000 donation can help develop a new and much needed training program.
Your $500 donation will help launch a new project with a Field Partner.
Your $100 donation will contribute to the cost of running training programs in the Cloud. Perfect!
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The Center for Sustainable Development specializes in providing sound, evidence-based information, tools and training for development professionals worldwide. CSDi has partnered with development staff from 500 organizations in 153 countries to develop and manage projects impacting over 400,000 people. Their projects have utilized 270 different kinds of solution-oriented activities to address community need. Learn more about Learn more about the Center.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Center. Read about what we do.

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