1st Results 2015 Non Profit Trends


First, Preliminary Survey Results: Analysis & Solutions

First, thanks to all of you who filled out the survey: “2015 Non Profit Trends” You can see a summary of the the preliminary results just below. We want your opinion too!. Please take the survey—there is still time.

The idea of the survey was to help me update our non-profit training program—Version 2.0 is set to launch in January—and I wanted to make sure that it best addresses your needs. Version 2 will be available in a Distance Learning format and through my 1:1 Six Month Mentoring Program.

Analysis of the Survey

Survey participants are able to check as few or as many boxes in the survey as they deemed appropriate. By focusing on items that more than 50% of respondents felt were important—I arrived at the following analysis.

Respondents chiefly had four overarching areas of concern where they felt they needed the most help:

  1. not knowing how to design a project that will solve challenges faced by their constituents
  2. not being able to find the funding to accomplish project goals
  3. having their project stall during implementation
  4. a concern of evaluating a project to find that project objectives had not been met

Interactive Graphic: Survey Analysis & Solutions

Design a project that:

  • fulfills your mission
  • fulfills real community need
  • is attractive to donors
  • is manageable
  • has a monitoring and evaluation plan
  • has plan for continuation at grant’s end

Over the next three weeks I will share with you how you can incorporate these solutions in a step-by-step fashion into the process of project design, funding, and implementation.

Tim Magee

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